Saturday, 5 December 2015

Team Kit 2016- Etixx-Quickstep

Etixx-Quickstep's most high profile recruit for 2016 Marcel Kittel took on the Derek Zoolander role (without going all "Blue Steel") by modelling the kit for next season. Inevitably in a sport where change often brings about cries of anguish, the predictable complaints of "It isn't as good as the last one" soon filled the Facebook posts announcing the new arrivals. Since this has been the general response to new kit since time immemorial, it wasn't a surprise. Personally I think the new jersey looks great especially with that darker blue.  While not totally going against the continunal creep of more and more black jerseys into the peloton, it should still stand out.

Now for the shorts-at the risk of sounding like those old farts who don't realise that The Rules are supposed to be tounge in cheek, and instead have them as tatoos, those shorts really would have worked better staying black. Saying that, I have often made statements like that over the previous years, based solely on the photos that accompany each kit release, only for them to work much better than expected when viewed on the road. Also I am aware I really didn't like MTN-Qhubeka's striped efforts at the start of the 2015 season but they did grow on me-although how much of that had to do with the African team's performances is hard to tell. But as for my definitive views on the new kits that will be unveilled between now and January-ask me after the  Spring Classics...

PS While I am aware that Movistar launched their kit earlier than EQS, it is so similar to last year's it didn't really merit a post.

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