Saturday, 19 December 2015

Martyn Ashton Rehab Fund

I have spent many a late night missing my planned bedtime by many hours getting pulled into a never-ending game of follow the link on YouTube. I have some perennial favourites- Roche on La Plagne in 1987, Keisse on stage 7 of the 2012 Tour of Turkey (with added Carlton Kirby exuberance), Cav and Renshaw on the Champs Elysees in 2009 ... that always stir up emotions in me but the one that really stands out, and one I am openly prepared to admit led to leaky eyes was this one with Martyn Ashton.

(On a side note- what sort of gabshites are the 62 who disliked this video?! No wonder Cameron and Trump can get support in a world like this!)

Martyn is not only a legend of the MTB world but his attitude and commitment since his accident have been astounding. However, even with a National Health Service, he needs additional help to further his rehab and he decided that he had to sell a Colnago C59 used by him, Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg in the legendary Road Bike Party 2 video. This was the video that Martyn was in the middle of making when he was injured during a demo at Silverstone and the bike is almost iconic such was the popularity of the movie. However many people thought Martyn should get to keep his bike as an incentive to work towards getting better, and instead suggested he set up a GoFund Me page. Within a couple of hours of being established, the target was well and truly smashed but that is no reason to stop. So if you can , click on Martyn's GoFund Me link and put a few shillings his way. He contributed so much to the bike scene, so this is a good opportunity to show him what he means.

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