Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Team Kit 2016- Canyon-SRAM

After the dispiriting news that. despite winning their fourth consecutive TTT World Championships in Richmond, the Velocio-SRAM team would be wound up at the end of the 2015 season seemed to be going against the grain as women's cycling gradually increases its profile and popularity. However a new team, sponsored by Canyon bikes and SRAM emerged with a roster made up of Tiffany Cromwell, Hannah Barnes, Lisa Brennauer,  Elena Cecchini,Trixi Worrack, Mieke Kroger, Alexis Ryan, Barbara Guarischi and Alena Amialiusik.

And with every new team comes new kit, which has been developed and produced by Rapha.

The jersey seems to stand-out without being too in-your-face- a hard thing to achieve but done well in this case by every hedge-fund manager's favourite brand (yes-I know it is obvious but by law every article mentioning Rapha has to have some sort of reference like that). The scheme is colourful yet muted and could, given time, be a classic. Simon Richardson from GCN has already stated he is disappointed Rapha haven't produced a version for men and, while it would take a certain brio to carry it off, would certainly make a change from the wall-to-wall Sky jerseys that seem to make up a large proportion of sportive pelotons these days. A team loaded with talent like Canyon-SRAM deserves a kit to reflect this, and teamed with the paintjob on the bikes seen in the photo above, will surely add some class to the Women's World Tour for 2016.

Lisa Brennauer in the new kit.

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